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TMSApp offers a full paperless Clinic Management System at a competitive price, and early adopters enjoy a special discount.

For only $299 per user month, you can save money and time by:

  • Handling scheduling, appointments, reporting, device settings, treatments, and patient records all in one place
  • Maximizing the number of patients you treat per chair per day
  • Optimizing your team's efficiency and productivity
  • Offering your patients the ability to check in, make appointments, and make payments
  • Retaining full TMSApp access and functionality on any device

If you want to streamline your TMS clinic's operations and increase revenue, then contact us today for early access to TMSApp.

The Benefits

With TMSApp, you have easy access to every appointment and every patient, in real-time. You also have access to every staff member, room schedules and alerts, patient history, treatment notes, billing, and more.

TMSApp also dramatically increases your clinic's efficiency. It helps maximize the number of patients treated per chair-per day, and helps increase staff productivity by reducing paper bottlenecks. "With the tap of a button, you can access every operational detail you need."

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