TMS Practitioners, Streamline your Practice & Increase Revenue with tmsapp

TMSAPP maximizes the number of patients treated per chair per day, and dramatically increases staff efficiency.

A Revolutionary Solution

tmsapp is an all-in-one software that streamlines TMS clinic operations. This revolutionary solution can increase clinic revenue by up to 15%, and reduce staffing needs by up to 10%, all while improving patient care.

By efficiently managing your clinic’s patient scheduling and flow, tmsapp reduces vacancy time between patient treatments. This ensures up to 2-3 additional sessions per chair per day.

Additionally, tmsapp automates the clinic workflow, reduces paperwork, improves overall office and treatment staff efficiency, and reduces your office staffing needs while enabling treatment staff to see more patients.

Clinic Awareness

Knowledge is power; and with tmsapp, you can see the status of each appointment and chair in real-time. With a touch or click, you can access more details about each patient’s treatment, history, and billing.

When situations arise, clinicians can summon help via the tmsapp emergency alert system. This enables situations to be dealt with swiftly by qualified staff, guaranteeing that patients receive the best care

Get the Big Picture

With tmsapp, you’ll gain insights into the overall operations of your clinic in a snap. You’ll be able to access historical reports on chair effectiveness and staff performance. Monitor billing, copays, and insurers. And, view demographic trends enabling you to modify treatment protocols.